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With our ambition of innovation, professional service and high technique ,DailyTelecom covers over 97% of Italian continent, and 99.4% of population is able to receive our signal.For over 10 years, DailyTelecom has been under rapid expansion; and our high quality service, low standard pricing and aggressive marketing strategy has win us a high reputation among the Italian citizen of Chinese origin. Our strategy is simple, we offer only the best to our customers, and our marketing strategy is flexible.DailyTelecom is dedicated to maintain an excellent relationship with our client, to create a golden brand in the market, considering serving society as our responsibility, in order to remain competitive in the market.

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DailyTelecom offer you convenient, favorable pricing and high quality TeleCom service Ease of use:No need to change your mobile Keep your old mobile number at need


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1.Provide excelent phone call signal quality
2.Adopt the best techniques and most advanced network equitment
3.Cover over 97% of Italian continent