Free number

Free number service: It is a kind of free telephone service provided by sellers for contacting clients, promoting sales, improving image

Call toll free, to enhance the image, promote sales, enhance competitiveness, to take the lead in the market competition.

Free number service fee:
free number service (no activation fee, no monthly fee).
The balance in the mobile phone has to be more than € 10 when this function is opened.
After the opening, when the other DailyTelecom mobile phone call the one who has already opened the free number function, caller will not pay, receive side (DailyTelecom mobile phone which opened free number function) will pay. 2 euro cents per minute for answer once..
Any DailyTelecom mobile phone can open this function..

Open: *109*1#
Cancel: *109*0#
Check *109#

Check whether the mobile phone number of DailyTelecom have opened the free number function: *109* the mobile phone number of DailyTelecom #

Note This function will be automatically canceled for the client who have already opened the free number function if the balance is not enough.