Daily Net 10
Monthly fee 10
Monthly minutes for calls within Daily Telecom network free(without connection fee)
Tariff activate *103*10*1#
Tariff cancel *103*10*0#
Tariff check *103#
  • 1.All calls fee is counted by minute, the currency unit is euro (no connection fee is charged for the monthly free minutes). Effective since day when the tariff is activated or cancelled, the function fee is charged monthly, from the day when the function is activated.
    2.After the Daily Net is activated, the minutes that exceed the monthly free minutes when you make phone call within DailyTelecom will be charged as the s basic fee of China tariff series.network
    3.Daily virtual network is only compatible with Chinese packages, not applicable for Italian packages (if change from a Chinese package to Italian one, then virtual network service will be cancelled.)
    4.Monthly fee will be deducted automatically every month, the service will be cancelled if there is no enough balance left.
    5.600 free minutes per day to every Daily Telecom number!
    PS: information above is suitable for clients who make phone calls within DailyTelecom network frequently